The Attorney Contingency System™ (ACS) represents a logical, practicable solution to a universal problem faced by every sole practitioner and small practice:

Preserving a law practice when the owner attorney or even a key employee is not present, whether the absence is pleasant or painful, voluntary or involuntary, temporary or permanent (causes range from extended vacation, disability, or suspension, to retirement, death, or disbarment).

BEACON & BRIDGE INSTITUTE, INC. has developed a solution to this universal problem: a comprehensive process by which an attorney receives a customized, practical, and actionable contingency plan that assures the continuation of the practice if the attorney is unable to participate in the practice.

The process consists of 8 specific steps from initial exposure to contingency planning, to assessment, and all the way through to plan construction, delivery, and maintenance that:

Offers attorneys the wherewithal be absent from their practice with the security and peace of mind knowing that the practice will endure rather than disintegrate.

  • Provides written guidance and targeted training that enables an attorney’s practice to continue with minimal interruption of professional services or cash flow.

  • Ensures that, in concert with a trained support team, attorneys maintain control of the practice.

  • Clients will continue to receive the level of professionalism, attention, & service they are accustomed to.

  • Assures employees and family members that their future is being looked after

  • Addresses a pervasive need in the legal services market such contingency planning services including ongoing emphasis from the American Bar Association and State Bar Associations.